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At Carman Elementary

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Happenings at Carman Elementary


This page will highlight some of the events that happened at our school this year.





February 29th... Pink Shirt Day... Anti-Bullying 


 Dressed in our PinkShirtDay Anti-Bullying shirts, Carman Elementary School staff surprised our K-6 students with a flash mob performance of the Bruno Mars song Just the Way You Are. The kids are pumped to learn the steps for a school flash mob on Wednesday.





A sea of pink to spread the "speak out against bullying" message. 




Staff and about 100 students surprised everyone at Carman Collegiate and performed the flash mob dance

in the hallways at first break.  




Then we performed as a whole group at our anti-bullying assembly Wedensday afternoon.



Watch the video Mrs. Kalyniuk's and Mrs. Beaulieu's Grade 5 classes made for the concert in December.    

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