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Staff Directory

Page history last edited by Cecile Affleck 7 years, 8 months ago

Carman Elementary School


Phone: 745-2623    Fax: 745-3295     E-mail: ces@prsdmb.ca


Instructional Staff:


Kindergarten: Sandy Gregory (Days 1,3,5)  Lisa Goertzen & Sandy Gregory (Days 2,4,6)

Grade 1:   Lindsay Smith, Hayley Minty &  Lisa Pinkerton

Grade 2:   Christan Froese, Bev Lotscher, Aynsley DeRoo

Grade 3:   Pat Hamm/Melanie Dupasquier,  Linda Sylvester & Shari Zacharias

Grade 4:   Rozsa Boda &  Coreen Johnston

Grade 5:   Shelley Beaulieu & Mandy Kalyniuk

Grade 6:   Brenda Mutcher & Amanda Rheault

Phys-Ed:   Gord Stobbe

Music:      Melissa Cole

Resource:  Meagan West & Melanie Dupasquier

Counsellor: Barrette Plett

Vice-principal:  Pat Hamm

Principal:  Cecile Affleck




Speech/Language:  Rachel Johnson - (ph) 745-3126

Social Work:   Julie McNeil - (ph) 745-6384

Psychologist:  Mike Hogan - (ph) 745-3116


Literacy Leader: Barbara Penner 

Numeracy Leader: Marni Stevenson

Literacy with ICT Leader: Reg Reimer


Support Staff 


Secretary                                       Marcy Platt

Head Custodian                             Bob Lambert        

Evening custodial staff                  Anthony Suller & Zane Desserre

Librarians                                       Cheryl Phillips

Educational Assistants                  Arlene Kalyniuk

                                                       Simone Major

                                                       Sheila Martin

                                                       Sonia Picton

                                                       Sherry Ryrie

                                                       Kim Woods

                                                       Janet Currie

                                                       Caroline Coates

                                                       Barb McCullough



Technology System Administrator    Kevin Graham



Prairie Rose School Division: 745-2003

Bus Garage: 745-2174




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