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Websites - Learning Resources

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Search Engines


For Younger Classes

Ivy's Search Engine for Kids



Internet Safety:


  • Safety Land  Game for ages 6 - 10
  • Media Awareness Network (MNet)  Media and Internet education resources for parents and teachers.
  • Web Aware  An excellent site for parents, teachers and kids.  Sponsored by the Media Awareness Network, it has a ton of current topics from cyber bullying to kid friendly sites. A really user friendly site! 
  • November Learning  Alan November is a well known and respected expert in smart, safe use of the internet.  He was a featured presenter for teachers in our division a few years ago and his website is full of professional resources.
  • Cyber Smart   This site goes with the binder of lessons and blackline masters.Links to the websites used in lesson plans here.



Checking Websites:


  • Wayback Machine  Want to see the history of a website?  Take a trip through time with the wayback machine.
  • EasyWhois?   Use this site to find out who owns a website.









Literacy with ICT


  • Literacy with ICT  This is the Department of Ed. website that has the continuum, and lots of practical resources and links for infusing techonology into the classroom.
  • IMYM Tutorials Wiki  This is John Evan's site.  John, former principal of St. Francois Xavier School, is now seconded by the Dept. of Ed. as a tech expert.  Anything you want to know about current web tools... from wiki's to podcasts is on this site.
  • Internet 4 Classrooms   Lots of Lesson ideas for every age/grade level 





  • Video Converter  Want to use a You Tube video without being in YouTube?  The fastest free online audio and video converter.
  • Dropbox - File Management system. 
  • IrfanView   Do you need to resize pictures to fit in an email or on a webpage?  This is a free graphic viewer download for Windows that allows you to easily edit and work with images.








Presentation Tools




Email Hoaxes


  • Snopes  This site does not check websites, but is used to check whether email information is possibly true or just "urban legends."  Before you foreward that email... check it out on Snopes!
  • Hoax Slayer   This is another site dedicated to "debunking email haoxes, thwarting internet scammers, combatting spam, and educating web users about email and Internet security issues."

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