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Clip Art 


Clip Art Gallery -    school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/

Clip Art For Students and Teachers -   www.stemnet.nf.ca/CITE/clipart.htm

Clip Art Warehouse -    www.clipart.co.uk/index.shtml

Awesome Clipart for Educators  -    www.awesomeclipartforeducators.com/

Microsoft Clip Art -    office.microsoft.com/en-us/clipart/default.aspx

Clip Art ECT -    office.microsoft.com/en-us/clipart/default.aspx

DK Clipart -   www.dorlingkindersley-uk.co.uk/static/cs/uk/11/clipart/home.html



Animated Clips 


Gif Animations -    www.gifanimations.com/animation/Index

Animation Gold -    www.animationgold.com/


Flaming text -      www.flamingtext.com



Don't forget to say where you got your pictures, clip art or music.  Copy & paste the URL



Images and Photos    


Images that can be legally used in teacher and student created works


Creative Commons Image Search Tools:  


Flickr CC


Lovely Images


Picks 4 Learning




Every Stock Photo  -  search engine for free photos


Free Foto


Public Domain Images -  Karen's Whimsy


Wikimedia Commons


NASA Visable Earth 



Don't forget to say where you got your pictures, clip art or music.  Copy & paste the URL 





Webplaces  Sound files and sound effects - Not all copyright free... some need permission to use.


Copyright Free Loops


Royalty Free Music


John Evans free music and sound links  a dozen or more sites ... thanks John!




D Music


Op Sound


Sound Click


Free Music clips for Powerpoint Presentations    and a whole lot of other stuff for Powerpoints!



Presentation Tools


50 Story Tools 


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