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Grade 5 Math

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Math Documents on all Topics (including powerpoints, worksheets, interactive sites)


Double Bar Graph

Grade 5-

What is a Double Bar Graph? Lesson

Making A Double Bar Graph

Create Graphing Worksheets using your own Information


Numbers to 1 000 000

Worksheets for numbers to 1 000 000 

Walking 1 000 000 steps 


Geometric Shapes 

Transitions in Geometry Information Page

Transformations Game

Translation, Reflection and Rotation Interactive SItes

Interactive Testing

Smart Board Rotation

Reflection Worksheet

Co-ordinate and Symmetry Games


Multiplication up to 9 x 9

We are using arrays and mental math skills to develop our multiplication knowledge.



These are some super cool multiplcation games.




Division is easy! If you know your multiplication facts really well division will be simple, it's just the opposite of multiplication.









VIdeo and Quiz by Scholastic



online probability games



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