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ACSL Mtg_ Minutes, Feb_,10

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Carman Elementary

Advisory Council for SchoolLeadership


Advisory Council for School Leadership

Monday, February 23, 2010

7pm CES Computer Lab

Present: Wendy Durand, Lana Price, Donna Bruce, Sheila Kent, Mandy Kalyniuk, Shannon Klassen, Dan Saunders, Dale Penner, Marcy Platt, Deana Reimer


Mark Cox from Life Touch Photography began with a short presentation of a spring program for photos. This program will not replace the fall photos, but will give parents another choice for photos. Life Touch donates $1.00 to the school for each student photographed in the spring program. Dates available are April 5, 6, 16 and 23.

Sheila Kent gave ASCL a demonstration of the Mimio Bar in her classroom. This tool transforms a white board into a ‘smart board’. She reports that the students really enjoy working with the tool, and she is looking forward to creating her own programs to suit her needs.

  1. Meeting called to order 7.40

  2. Dale approved agenda, Marcy seconded, carried

  3. No correspondence

  4. Note made that Mychaela Lehmann’s name was misspelled in minutes, motion to accept minutes with correction made by Deana, seconded by Dale, carried

  5. Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Lana Price, none

Fundraising Report: Wendy Durand, none

Administration Report: Dan Saunders, Louise Duncan, and March Platt

  • 2010-2011 school calendar proposed, see attached.

  • Parking was extended, and staff has been asked not to park on south side of school on the highway. The school cannot claim parking on the east side of 2nd due to the homes there.

  • Library revitalization, fundraised to date $9800 Dan would like a committee of staff and parents to plan fundraising for this project to meet either this spring or early next fall.

  • CES Olympic Games, to include opening and closing ceremonies, as well as curling, cross country skiing, luge, bobsledding events, as well as others. Dan requests a parent attend closing ceremonies at 3:00 to say a few words.

  • Healthy Lunches, Healthy Learning, April 27 grades 2,3, and 4 will take part in presentation, then make lunches based on what they have learned. There is also an oral hygiene component.

  • Balanced School Day surveys will go out to parents. The information collected will help determine if CES decides to continue with the schedule next year.

  • Rocks and Rings, March 18 grades 3,4,and 5 have the opportunity to learn to curl.

  • 5W and 6H have had a vermicomposting presentation using red wriggler worms.

Health and Safety,

  • Milk Program, Deb Nicolajsen, no report

  • Hot Dog Program, Lori Wiebe, no report

  • Nutrition Policy committee, Marcy Platt, There will be a few changes to the current policy. The committee continues to meet.

New Business

  • Marcy made a motion to have Life Touch come to CES for spring photo shoot, Shannon seconded, carried.

  1. Next meeting March 15, 2010

  2. Motion to adjourn at 8.29 Lana, seconded by Deana, carried.

Next meeting

March 15, 7:00

Computer Lab


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