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Writer's Workshop

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Check out:




  Students begin the year by writing a story all about them:

Autobiography Marking.doc

 Name Poem Sample  NAME POEM.doc



Lesson 1:   How to ______________

   Go through student rubric for organization

   Show student samples of How to ____________

   Show Miss K's How to Make Coffee photostory


   Look at students copies of How to___________

   Create a class rubric


Student Samples:


How To Make a Pot of Coffee





Lesson 2:  Biography

     Pick someone who interests you to do a biography research project on



           Paragraph 1 : As a child

           Paragraph 2 : What made them famous?

           Paragraph 3: Where are they now?


     Use outline

               Biography Project.doc


Student Samples:

Anne Frank chevy.doc

My Biography is about Delaney Collins.doc

My biography is about Reggie Jackson.doc

I am doing my biography on Neil Armstrong.doc

Terry wanted to find a cure for cancer so he decided to run a Marathon of Hope.doc


Word Choice

Students are trying to think carefully about the words that they use in their writing.  They are working on painting a picture in the reader's head and finding new words to replace our old, boring, regular words.


ex. stroll instead of walk.


We are learning to use a thesaurus to broaden our vocabulary in writing.



Students are working on adding personality and style to their writing by expanding their voice. Its a way to allow the writer's personality to come through the writing.  It is a combination of feeling, style and connection.


Lesson 1:

 Read Students the book "Hey, Little Ant" by Philip and Hannah Hoose

It's a story about a kid who is a bout to squish an ant but the ant is trying to convince him not to do it with good convincing arguments.

  •      Student will then write their own stories with dual personalities trying to convince the reader to be on their side.


Lesson 2:

Fairy Tale Character court case

  • We are going to take that big bad wolf to court where he will try to defend himself against the three little pigs.  Who will the jury side with??


Lesson 3:

Write an article for Fairy Tale News (a tabloid filled with the dirt on our favorite characters)

     ex. Frog Prince admits to smashing house of straw.


Lesson 4:

Write your own fractured fairy tale

  • Students will take the theme from their favorite fairy tale and give it a little twist.


To Create a Newspaper or Brochure




Scholastic Create your own (Charlotte's Web)

Read Popular Comics (Garfield, Peanuts)





Create a 5W  Poem 

Poetry Samples


Haiku Samples


What is a Diamante Poem


Write a Rap


Giggle Poems for students to read


Poetry Starters

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