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School Information

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 Our Community School


   Carman Elementary School has an enrolment of approximately 300 students in grades

K-6 with a  professional and support staff of nearly 40. 

This includes:

*Phys-ed and music specialists

* Student Services (Resource)

* The shared services of a Speech/Language Therapist, Psychololgist and School Counsellor.


Our support staff include our Secretary, Educational Assistants, Library Technicians, Custodial Staff, the shared services of a Computer Technician and the many parents and community members who volunteer their time.


Our school runs on a Balanced School Day schedule.  Please check out our School Handbook  for more detailed information on programs and classes.


A Nursery School for 3 & 4 year olds and a Before and After School DayCare program through Wee Care Child Centre also operate out of the school.



Mission Statement


Carman Elementary School strives to achieve academic excellence, respect and responsibility in a safe, caring environment through the co-operative efforts of students, staff, parents and community.



School Vision


We envision Carman Elementary School as an educational community wherein:

  • students will have their physical, social and emotional needs met in a respectful and supportive environment.
  • students will be expected to have respect for themselves, others, as well as personal and school property.
  • students will experience an atmosphere of empathy, acceptance and responsibility.
  • student learning will reflect curricular outcomes as well as individual needs.
  • students have adequate resources available to support and enhance their learning.
  • students are provided with opportunities to be successful in attaining realistic and appropriate academic and social goals.
  • students are engaged in meaningful and challenging goals and activities which promote lifelong learning.
  • students, parents, school staff and community are involved in school-based decision making where open, respectful communication is promoted. 


Check out the Links below for more school information 


School-wide behaviour plan.pub


School Calendars


School Newsletters 


Assessment & Reporting in the Middle Years.ppt 













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