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Grade 4 Kalyniuk

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Welcome to Grade 5 video!!!



Olympic Torch Video






  Websites for Grade 4/5 Students

Just For Fun

Math Games


Just Give it a Try


Professor Garfield  

Online Multiplication Games 

 (Dance Revolution) 

Flash Cards (Printable) 



Variety of Games 

(Space Invaders) 

Online Stories 

Class Review Games  

Save the Apples 

Guitar Hero 

Story line 

How To Draw 

Write a Story 

More Games 


VPIKE (see the world) 

How to Samba 

Games BBC 

Math Races 

   Make Word searches and Puzzles Pictures 
Food Detectives  Math Review    Math Dictionary   
More to com  Catch The Fly      more to come  xtranormal  Blabberize 
  Lots of Cool Games   Scholastic Computer Activities   
  online probability game       



Wordle: 3/4k



English Language Arts-



Novel Study Project Ideas

Prezi  Comic 
Character Scrapbook  Create a Timeline 

Create a Movie

Like This One 






Scholastic Create your own (Charlotte's Web)

Read Popular Comics (Garfield, Peanuts)





Create a 5W  Poem 

Poetry Samples


Haiku Samples


What is a Diamante Poem


Write a Rap


Giggle Poems for students to read


Poetry Starters




  Writer's Workshop-





  Science and Social Studies  


Read and Predict the Weather


Check the Weather


          Tornado(make a twister- http://eo.ucar.edu/webweather/tornact4.html



          –Thunderstorm make a thunderstorm http://eo.ucar.edu/webweather/tornact2.html

                    Your Project


                    –Describe it

                    –Where does this weather generally occur?

                    –Effects on Earth, humans and other living things



                    –5 pictures

                    –Worksheet for students

                    –Bonus: experiment or hands-on activity



Research It using these sites







 Social Studies                    



1815-1850 The Great Migration


After the war, Britain was eager to open up the backwoods to farming. It planned to fill its colonies with people from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Between 1815 and 1850, more than 800 000 immigrants came to ports of Halifax, Saint John, and Quebec City. They wanted to migrate because in Britain the population was growing rapidly, but jobs were scarce. Farmers were being forced of the land. Poverty and hunger were common. Ireland suffered a terrible famine, forcing many rural people to flee. Immigrants  traveled from Britain to Canada by ship. This caused 800,000 immigrants to come to Canada, resulting in large population growth


As a small group answer these questions on a large piece of paper

Power Point on The Great Migration or this quick video ( http://176-m235.summer.com/mayer/ss1014a1a001migration.swf )

Do your own Culture Research Project to find out where your family came from and who in your family immigrated to Canada

Read about Migration from notes

Make a Graph about immigration flow using excel

Create a poster and a boarding pass

Take Migration Notes


Census of Canada in 1800s 







Question Sheet




English-french converter





Meet Your Teacher




Websites For Kids

Websites For Parents

Websites for Teachers

Grade 3 Topics

Grade 4 Topics

Grade 5 Topics

Notice For Parents 



What's Been Happening 

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 Math Worksheets 

My New Web Page in the Works  



What a powerful song with a great message!



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